Sponsored Feature: Clashot for iPhone Makes Photo Taking Profitable

Clashot for iPhone Event

Clashot for iPhone

iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular device to take photos and has become an important part of our daily work and social life. Taking photos on iPhone and sharing with friends even lead to introduction of dedicated social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine.

We take photos from our iPhone and share it with our friends, followers or fans but, how about turning these photos profitable? Clashot for iPhone by Depositphotos is a great app for amateur or professional photographers to post their photos using the Clashot app and making money for every successful sale.

Clashot for iPhone is a very well designed app that enables you to create reports of interesting events wherever you are and posting them to clashot.com. Once the photos posted get approved your work is ready for potential buyers to view and buy your photos.

Clashot for iPhone

The app has a very easy to use interface where you start with creating an account and then use the wizard to create a report and then post photos. The developers, Depositphotos, recommend that you take photos of any “sports activities, concerts, celebrations, demonstrations, public speaking, accidents and anything that you consider worth notice.” Once you’ve uploaded the photos the photos could be selected for the editorial section and be exposed to the leading news agencies and publishing houses who would be willing to buy your work.

Clashot for iPhone

The app also offers a ‘feed’ section where you can view the photos taken by all Clashot users under various categories. Your photos can be sorted in various categories that include Accidents, Animals & Wildlife, Celebrities, Culture & Traditions, Fashion & Beauty, News, Shows & Events and much more. There is something for everyone.

Clashot gives an opportunity to anyone who loves taking photos to make their work popular by showcasing the photos to popular news agencies and publishing houses and in return you also make money. The app supports PayPal and Skrill moneybookers as supported money transfer services. The minimum amount of a transaction is $50 and the withdrawal request takes upto 7 days to process.

Clashot for iPhone Event

When you sign-up for a Clashot account you have an option to agree to receive newsletter via email. Periodically, you may receive requirement for photos of particular events happening around the globe. Recently an email was sent out for Tour de France event which takes place between June 29 – July 21 in France and photos from the event could be sold for upto $40 for each photo.

Unlike few social photo sharing apps Clashot even allows you to upload photos saved in your albums in the phone. So, it is not necessary that you have to take the pic from your phone. You can easily take a photo with another camera and edit the photo for the perfect look and feel and then save it to your phone’s album and then upload it using the app. So, if you feel adding filters enhances your photos you can easily do that using your favourite photo filter app.


Clashot offers a great platform for anyone who loves to attend events or just happens to be at a place where something noteworthy happens. Gone are the days where you have to struggle to sell your photos to news agencies. Just download the free app and start creating your own news or event reports and make money.


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