Spoing for iPad Unique Game that Welcomes Custom Soundtracks!

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Rating: ★★★★☆

SpoingSpoing is an interesting game for the iPad that challenges you to collecting orbs while utilizing a sort of sling shot method. Collecting the Rainbow Diamonds is your task and you will have a few things to help you along the way but will also face several types of obstacles. This game is unlike any I have reviewed before.

The control system in Spoing is quite simple in theory but it can certainly be perfected to improve your scores in game. You simply use a system of slingshots to launch your character around the map to collect the Rainbow Diamonds. Along the way there are other little orbs that you can collect that will stop the clock for a certain amount of time. Since you are rated on how quickly you navigate the slingshot filled course, these are life-savers.

There are certain slingshots that act as checkpoints so that if you miss the slingshot you are trying to get to and crash on the rocks, you restart at that point. This is awesome because too many times games get demoralizing by making you restart at the beginning, erasing all your hard work.Spoing

You will run into several obstacles in this game that will make getting the coveted Rainbow Diamonds a bit more difficult. One simple obstacles that I absolutely loved encountering early in this game was a series of rotating slingshot platforms that you must utilize to get to the Rainbow Diamond. That level design was great because you could try and fight against the direction of the rotating platforms or go with the flow to get to the diamond. Designs like that allow the player to make a choice in a time based manner and make the game much more competitive.

This game truly invites you to use your imagination and decision making to finish the level the way you see best. Not just the way the level designer saw fit. This was very intriguing to me. There are obstacles of all shapes, sizes and actions. Cannons that shoot cannonballs at you and blow you up was my personal favorite despite it being introduced early on. I found it to be funny and an interesting addition.Spoing

The presentation of this game threw me for a loop when I first saw it but it is actually great. I was incredibly impressed with the attention that the creator paid to the audio aspects of this game. There is an ambient, rhythmic and custom music option that have their own options. The custom of course allows you to play your own music while playing. This is impressive to me as audio is too often overlooked in games and plays a huge role for someone like myself. The visual aspects are different but great.

The level designer did a great job by being creative with the types of environments at their expense. I truly enjoyed the game more and more as I played. This game grows on you and constantly challenges you to make quick and intelligent decisions. Spoing for iPad is a great game to check out for under $2.


  • Unique Appearance
  • Unique Gameplay


  • Can seem monotonous at times
  • Visually, not the most appealing but not bad

Price: $1.99 (View in App Store)


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