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An easy access speed dial and keypad for those with special needs

“A Special Phone” application for the iPhone utilizes three senses in order to allow impaired people to use the phone application on the iPhone. Audio,Tactile, and Visual flags allow the user to easily manage making calls. With extra large contact pictures, audio play, and vibration, the caller can be 100% sure that he called the correct contact. The blind, visually impaired, and people that are simply unable to view the phone at the time of placing a call will benefit from this.

This application aims itself as a replacement to the iPhone’s built in call facility with something that can be easily seen and interacted with. It’s primary function is a 6 contact speed dial which can easily be set to your favorite contacts from your phonebook, to access it you shake your iPhone the correct number of times to select the right contact. The problem I have with this is you actually have to shake the device quite hard to activate it which might cause some flying phones. I would like to see an option for six button screen in the same style as you set the shakes to select your contacts , just to cater for people who might not be able to shake their phone.

The second function of this app is a lovely large keypad for manually dialing numbers which is perfectly visible and fairly functional with each digit dialed appearing full screen with a voice announcing it too. However it does not display on screen which digits have been already pressed and will only let you exit that screen until you have either called the number or pressed and held end call until the voice says “erased all” then press the end call again, not really a clear user interface or keeping with iPhone conventions. This part of the application needs to apply the voice announcement and full screen digit to an iPhone standard style keypad and tweak those buttons to make them larger.

To sum up, this is an original application that has had some thought put into it and given further development I’m sure it will be a great asset

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

The Good

  • Original
  • Good Effort at improving access to the iPhone

The Not so Good

  • Requires hard shake of device
  • Keypad not as fully featured as it could be
  • Interface needs polish

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