Spaceship Ion Review: Destroy Aliens and Save the Earth

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Rating: ★★★★½

Spaceship Ion Review-1Spaceship Ion Review: The Earth Terran Space Navy in Pluto has been invaded by aliens and with no time to defend themselves they need your help. You are the most elite pilot around and you have been sent on a solo mission to attack them and buy Earth some time to defend themselves.

Spaceship Ion ($.99) is a shoot’em game with a story that unfolds has you progress through the levels. Use your pilot skills to fly the spaceship and shoot the missiles at the alien enemy.

Controlling your ship is easy. You can tilt your device or control with your finger. You are not limited to moving left or right you can also move forward and backwards. There is also no need to worry about tapping any buttons for firing the missiles either as these are launched continuously themselves.

Spaceship Ion Review-2Simply aim the shooting missiles at the aliens and you will destroy them. To kill large alien enemies and the main bosses use the smart missile to target lock the enemy. The whole time you have the alien locked your missile will keep firing until they die.

There are different missiles and lasers to destroy your enemy with. Items like Thor missiles for slow moving enemies, Lance missiles that pierce through the enemy and continue to hit them at the back and a DFF laser which can damage the aliens in seconds. All helpful in the many different situations you will come across.

Every time you destroy the aliens you are left credit tokens to collect. All the credit you build up can be used to buy improved and more powerful weapons. So make sure you pick them up as you go. Along the way you can collect power ups to help your gameplay. These power ups upgrade your weapons and can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times. If you lose a life though it is worth noting you lose 2x of your power ups on your weapons.

Spaceship Ion Review-3When you progress through the game you can unlock up to 12 medals. It will show you on screen when you do. Some of these medals then unlock new weapons to use against your enemy. There are 10 weapons to collect altogether.

Each level has its own theme and own unique bosses to be destroyed. In total there are 22 enemies and 8 bosses. There are also different modes to play normal, hard and very hard. You can unlock more weapons by completing the normal and hard mode.

I found the game very easy to control. I preferred the tap controls rather than tilting as you seemed to be able to get a more accurate control of the space ship. It was fast moving and the game keeps you on your toes with the aliens coming at you from all directions. The big bosses take a bit of beating but it’s not very difficult to win advance levels.

I loved the sound effects and music to the game. It was very suited and unlike most music playing games, it wasn’t annoying to have playing in the background. The graphics are very good and make the whole game experience enjoyable.

Due to the app been featured in New & Noteworthy in several regions Spaceship Ion is currently on offer with a 50% discount.
Space Ship Ion - iniGames

  • Great sound effects and graphics.
  • Tap or tilt controls
  • Easy to pick up and play





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