South Korean Director Shoots Movie on iPhone 4

One of South Korea’s best-known movie directors, Park Chan-Wong, recently made a movie shot entirely on the iPhone 4 as part of a promotion for Korea’s exclusive iPhone carrier, Korea Telecom. The 30-minute film is a fantasy-horror called ‘Paranmanjang’, Korean for ‘Ups and Downs’. Park, who is famous for the movies ‘Oldboy’ and ‘Mother’, used $130,000 to make the film, which was funded by himself and Korea Telecom.

‘Paranmanjang’ tells the story of a fisherman who catches a dead woman’s body on his hook. After fainting, the man awakens to find himself living through the eyes of the woman. Reports claim that the film will be screened in local cinemas on January 27th.

At a press screening on January 10th, Park told reporters, “From hunting for a film location, shooting auditions, to doing a documentary on the filming process, everything was shot with the iPhone 4.”

Park said that, apart from using the iPhone’s small camera, the movie went through all the same film-making processes. Night scenes were shot in black and white to make up for the iPhone’s video recording limitations, however, Chosun Ilbo claims that the movie’s picture quality is actually “fairly good.”

Of course, Park’s ‘Paranmanjang’ isn’t the first film to be made using Apple’s popular smartphone – back in June Michael Korbel’s short film ‘Apple of My Eye’ was not only shot using the device, but it was also edited using iMovie for iOS.

{via PC Magazine}


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