Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Coming To The iPhone/iPad?

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Mainstream Gaming Coming To iPad?

Sega recently revealed a new cross-platform Sonic the Hedgehog coming to all of the major platforms this summer. It will be an episodic download that returns us to all of the Sonic fun and mayhem we remember from the early 90’s. What piqued TUAW’s interest was the screenshot at the end of the trailer for the new game. In the usual spot, all of the platforms are listed in addition to a blank square. TUAW conjectures this blank square will eventually be occupied by an App Store icon.

Could this signal a move by the mainstream gaming houses to acknowledge the iPad as a legitimate gaming platform? Certainly recent comments by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Sony’s John Koller have struck a dismissive cord about the iPad as gaming device. Were their comments borne out of hubris or a genuine belief the iPad will not flourish as a gaming device? Regardless of which is the case, you can’t ignore the acknowledgement by Sega implicit in releasing the same game to the Wii, Xbox 360, PS/3, and the iPad. By releasing the same game to all four platforms you are equating them and that will do wonders for upping the iPad’s gaming credentials. It’s true that Sega has released games for the iPhone in the past but these have been purpose-built and specific to the platform. If you’re a proud iPad owner and you show your friend the same Sonic game they’re playing on their limited and gaming-only console, you’ve just provided the word of mouth advertising Apple hopes the first generation iPad owners will give.

As the rest of the year unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the mainstream gaming industry reacts to the iPad. Will it avoid it like the complete threat to their dominance it is or embrace it and welcome it into the fold of mainstream consoles? Would you like to see your favorite games released simultaneously to all three major consoles and the iPad? Will mobile gaming, lead by the iPad, eventually choke out fixed consoles?

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By: Erin Peterson



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