Snowball Run for iPhone: Run For Your Life!

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snowball run reviewSnowball Run Review: A brilliantly simple, funny, and intense game that anyone will enjoy.

The premise is straightforward. You are a Yeti (a.k.a. an abominable snowman) that is running from a killer snowball rolling toward you. Your job is to avoid, or not, the obstacles your path. Some of the items you encounter will hurt you; some will help you. You use tilt control to adjust your running path and tap or swipe on the screen to remove obstacles.

There’s not much more to the game than that. But being simple to explain does not mean it’s easy. Like Tap Tap Revenge, the challenge is the eye-hand coordination, object recognition, and quick decision-making skills. As the game progresses, new objects are added to increase the complexity, and they come faster and in greater quantity to test your dexterity.

The visual appeal is simple, and the color contrast for game elements makes it easy to play in almost any lighting environment. I don’t know how you’d make snowball or Yeti music, so the music is appropriately neutral.

Snowball run

Snowball Run ($.99) is just plain old fun. The animations are funny, the instructions simple, and the game play demanding. Perfect mix of elements for coming back again and again to play this game.
Snowball Run -

  • Game builds in difficultly at a manageable pace.
  • Tutorials are simple and clear. One new feature added at a time.
  • Hilarious premise to the game. (Watch the introduction to find out what it is.)


  • None


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