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Snood for iPhone Rating: ★★★★★

Snood has been around since 1996 in various forms for many different platforms and has been an underground hit for puzzle fans everywhere while the more mainstream console version of the game, Puzzle Bobble and Bust a Move have also seen success on the major consoles. However, Snood is now available on the iPhone/iPod Touch so how does it handle the jump to the iconic handheld device?

Snood is a classic puzzle game, the game starts with a screen full of Snoods and the aim is to clear the screen by shooting more Snoods one at a time from the bottom of the screen to create chains of three or more of the same Snood. This sounds easy, and it can be if you choose an easy level, raise the difficulty up a couple of notches though or complete a couple of levels and you’ll need a sharp eye, quick reflexes and an accurate aim.

One of the most popular casual games of all time is now available for your iPhone™ and iPod touch®!

There are many different ways to play Snood and there are both single and multi player options. Looking at the single player options there is the Single Player mode which in real terms is just a series of cut scenes being interrupted by a few minutes of Snoodling. It’s fun for what it is but the storyline where you have to help the real Snoods defeat their nemesis the Numbskull Legion just seems to get in the way. Other single player modes include Classic, Time Attack and my favorite Puzzle Mode. In puzzle mode the Snoods are cleverly positioned over the playing area in such a way that any Snood that you shoot incorrectly could mess-up the whole level. Puzzle Mode really challenges your brain and your reflexes.

While this, along with the ability to unlock achievements, the cutesy upgraded graphics, (along with the original Snood graphics for the old school players, the ability to play your own tunes and the fast and furious game-play would be more than enough for most EA have really taken this game up a notch by adding Facebook integration too.

And this is not just a simple post your high-scores to Facebook integration but also allows you to challenge your Facebook friends to beat your score or actually play a live game of Snood directly against you. There’s also no need to worry whether or not your Facebook friends are online or not as with iPhone OS 3.0 notifications enabled Snood will notify fellow players that you have challenged them a game so that they can fire it up and face your challenge.

While the two player game is the same as the single player game it adds a whole new level of fun and intensity to the game as a picture in picture screenshot of your opponents screen is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen allowing you to see the havoc you are causing on their screen as your clear your screen of Snoods.

When first playing this game I didn’t think I would enjoy it, partly because I thought my colorblindness would limit my ability to succeed in the game but also I thought the game was a one trick pony. How wrong I was, for while the game may be simple there is so much content bundled into the app you’ll find yourself repeatedly coming back for more.

It’s so good everyone should have a Snood in their pocket.

Touch Reviews Highly Recommends Snood for iPhone!

The Good

  • Easy to pick up, difficult to put down.
  • Fast & Furious addictive game-play
  • Facebook Integration
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Achievements!

The Not So Good

  • Story mode adds little to the game

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Snood for iPhone Screenshots

You can also view the official Snood for iPhone trailer here.


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