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Sniper Vs Sniper Online Rating: ★★★★½

Com2uS have a great range of titles in their library, Homerun Battle 3D one of their most successful games with great graphics and game-play really shows how an online game should play on iPhone and iPod touch devices where joining an online game was as easy as playing the single player option.

With Sniper Vs Sniper online they plan to take online gaming for handheld devices to the next level by not only integrating 1 v 1 match-ups via the internet but also online co-operative play to take on terrorist groups. Many people say that online gaming is the future of gaming so are we holding the future in our hands?

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone

Sniper Vs Sniper starts with a high quality 30 second video and from the navigation menu you get an idea of the depth of this title, Single Mission, Online Play, Worldwide Rankings, Settings and Introduction are your gateways to the game ahead. You can of course start with the Introduction option where you will be taken though the various game types, options, screens and controls but like most people I wanted to dive right in and start my sniping.

To start off gently I started with the Single Mission mode although the real reason for this was to get some much needed practice before jumping online and getting my head pumped full of holes. To set the scene the Single player mode starts off with another short video before getting you started with some much needed practice at the Training Field. Even in the Training Field the three modes of the single player mode are set out. Firstly there is Campaign mode where your task is to kill all the terrorist before they kill you, then 1 vs 1 places you head to head against one of 5 expert snipers looking to beat you in a one on one battle. Finally there are the Special Missions where you are charged with completing 5 special challenges to unlock equipment upgrades.

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone_2

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone_2

The control system stays the same throughout all modes and as you would expect above all else the one thing you’ll need is a steady hand. Controlling your view both through the binoculars and through the rifles sights is controlled via the Accelerometer and works perfectly and can be re-calibrated whenever you need to via the the settings menu. As you view each level you’ll need to scan the various landscapes, from village to temple, to forest and city, to find the enemy. Utilizing your binoculars is key to this and they can be activated by simply touching the screen. With the binoculars enabled you’ll be able to spot the terrorists much easier, although some of the terrorists can be particularly sneaky.

Once you’ve located the enemy another tap of the screen will take you into Sniper Mode and you’ll zoom in even further. This is where a steady hand is imperative as each gunshot will give your location away and will invite a quick response from your foe. Steady your hand and with the cross hair of your rifle hovering over your target a simple tap of your screen will unleash your 9mm bullet towards it goal. As previously mentioned though you’ll need to be both as fast as possible and accurate as if you take too long and you’ll be killed before you can take another breath, shoot and miss however and you’ll be shot before you can reload!

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone_3

Sniper Vs Sniper Online iPhone_3

This process is repeated through all the levels various modes. The Campaign mode takes you through a loose story of saving the world from terrorists, each of the 5 levels provide plenty of shooting practice too. The backdrops look good but the terrorists snipers are all static, which while you could argue they are supposed to be, it does make them all look like cardboard cut outs. They are only animated when they draw their weapons to return fire and while it looks a little robotic it does make it all the more difficult to spot them which after all is the aim of the game!

As if the amount of content in the single player mode wasn’t enough we now come on to the multi-player options. As with Homerun Battle 3D the integration of the online options sit so fluidly into the game that you would never know that you were playing over the internet. There are two options for online play, 1 vs 1 see’s you face off against another sniper in a battle of survival while Alliance Attack pairs you with another player against to take on the terrorist threat together.

Launching the online mode takes you to the online lobby where you can either select a specific player to play against/with or choice Quick Play to launch yourself into your selected game option against the next available player. It’s not a one hit and it’s over though, depending where you get shot, or shoot your opponent the corresponding health bar will be reduced by a lesser or greater amount. If and when you do get shot you are given an advantage in the next round where a large circle will highlight your opponents location.

If you do find yourself getting shot too much you can always switch to Alliance Attack where you can pair up with a friend or a random player via Quick Play to clear as many stages as possible before you die. While you are playing together there is still a competitive edge to the game play as you will get scored based on the quantity and quality of your kills, shooting the leg will score you less than killing via the torso and when you kill via a single shot on the head it will earn you the highest scores.

Succeed at these online modes and you will see yourself raising up the online rankings, you also get the option to brag about your successes via both Twitter and Facebook integration which is as seamless as the rest of this excellent game.

There is enough content in Sniper Vs Sniper Online to keep you going for many hours and with the endless hours of online play available this is a must have game for any iPhone/iPod touch owner.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $4.99

The Good

  • Perfect sniper controls
  • Seamless online integration
  • Hours of playable content

The Not So Good

  • Static Terrorists!

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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