Smokescreen: Flash in any browser on any device including the iPad

Smokescreen is quite an interesting choice of name. And in some ways you could be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss has been about between Apple and Adobe in recent weeks.

In essence Smokescreen takes Flash (.flv) files, converts them into Javascript, and then strips out the images and audio and finally reconstructs them as an SVG file.

All browsers play SVG files, including the iPad. So once they are served up to your browser in that format they play just fine.

Whilst the end result is not quite as fast as native Flash, it certainly works. As can be seen in this video:

And in reality its probably as fast as most of the demos of Flash that have been shown on recent Android mobile devices.

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  1. You say Flash (.flv) files, but you probably mean .SWF files? SWF files are the compiled flash files, where .FLV is the video format that .SWF files can read.

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