Skype for iOS updated – support for iOS 4.3 and video calling TVs added

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Skype Update iPhone

Skype today updated their popular iOS application, and they’ve added at least one interesting new feature. Amongst the bug fixes and support for iOS 4.3 (finally!) Skype have added to ability to make video calls to televisions.

As thenextweb reports, version 3.0.1 of the app now allows calls to be places to supported TV sets by the likes of Samsung and Panasonic providing the correct webcam is also added to the mix.

It’s debatable whether video calling on the big screen is something the masses will ever take to, especially considering video calling on smaller screens isn’t exactly taking the world by storm either!

If being beamed across the world onto a 50 inch plasma does tickle your fancy though, check out the list of supported hardware and go fetch.


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