Skies of Glory: Battle of Britain. Arcade Combat Flight Game Review

Skies of Glory Battle of Britain iPhone

Skies of Glory – Battle of Britain Rating: ★★★★☆

An Arcade Combat Flight Game that is full of Intensity!

I’ve always liked the idea of flight simulator games, from the early arcade incarnation of Afterburner to the complex realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator the idea of being able to fly a plane has always appealed to me. In reality though I’ve never found it easy to get to grips with the controls and therefore have never had the patience fully engulf myself in the flight sim genre. So when getting my hands on Skies of Glory – Battle of Britain my question was would this game be able to keep me engaged?

Skies of Glory – Battle of Britain is an combat based arcade where the focus is on the heat of battle rather than simply flying your plane from A to B. Because of this the controls are relatively simple and it’s this fact that makes the game instantly accessible. The controls which are a combination of virtual buttons and the accelerometer all compliment each other and after a short spell of training you’ll be ready for your first mission.

As the name suggests you are the pilot of an old school fighter plane and while you only start with your trust P40-I you’ll soon find yourself unlocking more planes which not only have better stats but also have more weapons too.

The campaign mode is where you’ll earn your bread and butter and with Skies of Glory – Battle of Britain there are two single player campaigns to take part in which are War Games and Battle of Britain with 21 levels between them. The levels are what you would expect in such games, from defending your bases against the enemy to protecting airborne and land cargo there is a nice variety too with battles in the skies above various good looking locations.

While the campaign mode is entertaining and enjoyable it’s the multi-player options that I found the most fun. Unfortunately though I was only able to play over local Wifi as my attempts to join an online game always resulted in no games being found. The local Wifi version of the game was a lot of fun though battling and ultimately shooting down my friends has never felt so good!

While you can unlock planes by completing the campaign mode you can also purchase planes via in app purchase, however with most of the planes costing $1.99 per plane it could soon add up!

The game has plenty of options including the ability to adjust the control sensitivity, which I would definitely recommend, and the difficulty level. While at $7 this is not the cheapest game in the App Store it is good value for money especially if you enjoy this genre of game. Even if you aren’t a fan of flight sim’s picking up this title may be the one change that thought.

The Good

  • Intuitive flight controls
  • Up to 8 player dog fights over the internet
  • 21 intense levels of actions

The Not So Good

  • No online matches available after multiple attempts
  • Pricey in game purchases

Price: $6.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Released: Mar 29, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 11.7 MB
Language: English
Seller: SGN
© 2009
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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