More Sightings of the Great White Whale… err iPhone 4…

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white iphone 4 sightings

Recently the White iPhone 4 had reportedly shown up in the Best Buy stock system. But then the White iPhone 4 has shown up a lot of places and never actually been sold. And Best Buy are not the kind of outfit I, or you, should place any store in getting a scoop on anything new from; even a different coloured mains plug!

Stephen Fry, a UK comedian and writer has a White iPhone 4, and has had from launch, we know for sure, and reported as such. But then he is one of the “special people” that Apple corporate love.

Apple reps even had them at the UK iPhone 4 launch. We saw them on the TV news there, and later on YouTube! But other than that they’ve only shown up briefly at airports with shady looking characters, who could have bought the parts online and made them themselves, or really have got them from Apple, as they claimed. But to date none have been actually been sold from any store that we know of.

Around the time of the Verizon launch they popped up on that company’s web site, only to be relegated to a less prominent page very quickly. That in itself, and the Best Buy stock listing is really not enough to convince anyone they are really going to hit shops any time soon.

But again today there has been another stock system sighting. This time in AT&T’s Online Account Management system, as reported by Boy Genius Report. The timing of this many “sightings” is more frequent than we have seen in quite a while, and does tie up with claims from many places, including Apple, that the White iPhone 4 would appear sometime early in 2011…

With it showing up in this many places, and the rumours swirling for such a long time, with such intensity, it does really seem that the White iPhone 4 may be among us mere mortals sooner rather than later.. Are you still waiting?

What do you think? Another bunch of false starts from retailers? Or is Apple’s White iPhone 4, like Captain Ahab’s mythical Great White Whale finally going to show itself? Have your say in the comments…


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