Shuttervox Review for iPhone – Take Pictures with Voice Command

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Shuttervox Review-1Shuttervox Review: The app allows you to take pictures without having to touch of any the camera controls. Instead it will listen to your voice command and take the picture when you say. Perfect for when you need both hands to steady your device.

Shuttervox is set up so that when you say the word ‘Cheese’ it will take the picture. To set it up at first all you need to do is tap the little headphones in the centre of the screen. When you do this it then tells you it is loading the speech engine ready and a red button will show. When this button goes green and it says ‘Listening for keyword’ you are ready to take the pictures.

Shuttervox Review-2You postion your device ready for taking the photo and simple say ‘cheese’ when you are ready to take the shot. Shuttervox then listens for the command, if it hears a word but doesn’t recognize it will tell you and listen out for the word again.

When the app finally recognizes your keyword it will then take the picture. Once that happens you can add a title and then share either via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, send via email or just copy to the camera roll. Then you just start the process again with your next picture.

I found that the app didn’t recognize the keyword a lot of the time. Whether this is down to the tone of your voice I am not sure. I had to make sure I said the word in a certain way before it would take the picture and even then I had to say it four or five times before it did. If this happened when I was out and about in public, I may start to feel a little frustrated!

There are currently two versions available. The lite version just has the one keyword available and the paid version lets you have up to four different keywords. Which is handy if you really don’t like shouting ‘cheese’ out all the time!
Shuttervox - Tiger Melville, LLC

  • Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Does not always work takes several attempts before it does.
  • Would be nice to have a few filters within the app to give it a few more features.


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