Would Shakespeare Have Used Apple’s iPad?

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It’s not a question that has been asked before to my knowledge but as I awaited the delivery of my new Stylus and my mind wandered to thoughts of my next blockbuster novel, (I’ve not had any blockbuster novels to this point but I’ve thought about writing a lot of them), and how perhaps with my new Stylus it could be written on my new iPad.

I’m not the first person to write about the iPad’s ability as a writing tool after all that’s the point of having such a device isn’t. However up until this point using your finger as a stylus to write with has not proven too successful. Your finger doesn’t feel like a pen, can’t be held like a pen and certainly doesn’t have a narrow enough point to write like a pen, so what are the alternatives.

There have been many home made options provided by various creative types, just search Google to find a whole range of home made alternatives, but for those of us that rely on others to do the creative work for them one of the most popular options has been the Pogo Sketch which is sold as a solution for the iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPad.

My Pogo Sketch arrived yesterday and I opened it with eager anticipation and the new opportunities it would release. The Pogo Sketch looks and feels like a small pen, including pocket clip and chain hole included so that you can either slide it into your pocket or hang it around your neck respectively.

It’s a little light weight for my liking but it still fits in my hand well, I’d even go as far to say it feels natural. However what is not natural is the tip of the stylus which to enable it to work on the iPad’s touchscreen is a large sponge like texture. Despite that though it writes relatively well.

It doesn’t write like a writing pen, more like a thin marker, but it does write and in the note application that I’ve been using it in it works well. It’s never going to replace the keyboard for writing large amounts of data such as this article, but as a tool to make quick short notes it works well and it will certainly by traveling with me whenever I travel with my iPad and while at work.

Now back to my original question, would have Shakespeare used an iPad? I think the answer to that question is an emphatic YES. The Bard was ahead of his time in his writing, an innovator and leader, three things that us iPad users can all relate too!


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