Shadowgun for iPhone and iPad Brings Handheld Gaming out of the Shadows

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Rating: ★★★★½

Shadowgun Review: More and more portable games are claiming that they can match the graphics and gameplay of their compatriots on the PS3, Xbox and the Wii. Some of these have succeeded in some part or other but nothing has truly challenged the console dominance when it comes to the big arcade titles such as Gears of War and Halo. But is that about to change?

Shadowgun {$7.99} is a new game from Mad Finger Games and is a third person action shooter where you take on on the role of John Slade, a mercenary on a mission to bring to justice to a mad scientist who has battened down the hatches of a distant planet.

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Of course the mad scientist Dr. Simons is not on his own and his Frankenstien monster inspired mutant army will defend him to the death.

The first thing that grabs you about Shadowgun are the beautiful, rich graphics that do not end at the cut scenes like so many games do but instead spread through the into the game-play creating one of the most spectacular looking games you have seen in a hand-held device.

There are a variety of environments as you progress through the game, from the surface of the planet, through the laboratories and even down into the depths of the planet and each of them is as beautiful as the next.

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We all know though that as good as a game looks it’s nothing if it doesn’t have the game-play to match. Again, Shadowgun doesn’t disappoint. The story line is well told and the voice acting is amongst the better that you’ll find. This is especially rewarding as many games these days still rely on subtitles only to tell the story.

The game is a little linear, there aren’t many alternatives routes or story-lines and the puzzles are rather limited but you aren’t playing an action shooter for those elements right, you’re here to kill and blow things up right!?

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And of those two items there are plenty. Multiple guns are available to pick-up as you progress through the game all have there strengths depending on the enemy you are facing at the time. Ammunition is limited though, especially as you crank up the difficulty level.

This brings me onto the sound in the game. The audio of the weapons is strong and powerful and the soundtrack keeps the game moving along expertly. This is certainly the case when it comes to impending enemies which you are warned about due to the music which strikes fear into you a couple of seconds before they appear. Playing with the sound on, or even better with your headphones in, is a true aural pleasure.

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There are 9 levels in total and when you complete the 9th you will most certainly want to play again, either on a higher difficulty level or to search for any of the 16 hidden extras that are hidden throughout the game. These extras don’t give you anything tangible to use in the game, instead they fill in some of the back-story and provide more detailed information about the game, not too exciting but an additional challenge that adds more to the overall experience.

I’m surprised that haven’t mentioned the controls yet, especially considering that the control mechanism in any game can make or break it. Having not mentioned them yet is indicative of how good they are. They may not have the plethora of options that it’s console equivalents may have but they are intuitive and effective. For example there is no option to run, crouch or jump but your character will take cover when appropriate and interactive with the environment as you instruct it to so that gates can be opened, computers hacked and ammunition loaded.

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The left part of the screen controls your movement while the right hand side of the screen controls the camera. There is a d-pad to use but as it’s a floating one you never find yourself hunting for it when you need it the most.

A single button on the right side of the screen is used to fire your weapon and while it will automatically reload should you empty your barrels there is also a secondary button to reload quicker.

Shadowgun is an engrossing game, an adventure that once you pick up you won’t be able to put down, and that’s OK as you wouldn’t want to. It’s also a universal app meaning that at the price point of $7.99 you can install the game on both your iPhone and iPad making Shadowgun even better value for money.
What we like

  • Great game-play
  • Beautiful environments
  • Pitch perfect sound
  • Intuitive controls

What to know

  • Linear gameplay



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