Apple’s Second Generation iPad To Sport Two Cameras

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

With Apple’s Facetime strategy very obviously being to put their video calling service on every device they manufacture it is something of a no-brainer that the next generation iPad would at least have a front facing camera.

But AppleInsider have obtained information that claims that a company called OmniVision will supply both front and rear facing cameras for Apple’s new iPad, due in early 2011. OmniVision is also the supplier for Apple’s iPhone 4’s cameras.

Further details seem to indicate that the quality of the cameras will be in line with that currently found in the iPhone 4. So a 5MP camera for stills, and a lower quality VGA camera for Facetime.

No further details have been forthcoming from Apple or its suppliers. Which is not really surprising as this kind of information could well slow sales of the current generation iPad as consumers hold on for an update.

Assuming that you haven’t got one already, does hearing this news make you inclined to wait for the next iPad?┬áLet us know in the comments…

[via AppleInsider]


8 Comments on “Apple’s Second Generation iPad To Sport Two Cameras”

  1. I am waiting To bad they din’t bring them out a Christmas time they would hav mde great gifts

  2. I didnt like the iPad for three reasons. 64GB would not hold all my photos and videos. No hi res camera. And eventhough the screen was descent I will wait for a higher resolution.

  3. I was hesitant about purchasing a first gen iPad, but I’ve had great success and been very pleased with it’s current features. However, I will be holding out on purchasing one for my wife until the next one comes out. Cameras!!! Cool!

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