Sea Spooney for iPhone: Rescue, Run, Slap and Smile

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Sea Spooney iPhone Game Review

Sea Spooney Rating: ★★½☆☆

Most games play to an underlying need to succeed at something. For example, while playing Madden NFL 10 you’ll be dreaming of winning the Superbowl while playing Pocket God will play to some deep feeling of wanting to be in control of something. So if you have an urge be a pirate who rescues a mermaid via the medium of barrel running while slapping fish and I know there are many of you out there, then Sea Spooney is the game for you.

And that is as simple as it gets, each of the 20 levels in this game consist of you having to balance your pirate on a spinning barrel while swatting the flying fish and squid. Balancing your pirate can be done either by tilting the phone or by using the arrow buttons on the bottom left and right of the screen.

While you are concentrating on stopping your pirate from a watery end you also need to swat away flaying fish and squid. This is a simple as a task as tapping the fish and squid as they fly at you from either side of the screen and this makes the use of the tilt controls for balancing a much better option so that your fingers are free to tap the offending slippery water creatures.

Once you’ve kept your pirate balanced for the set amount of time you can move you Somalian Booty Hunter onto the next level and repeat the process again, and again and again. The basic 2D graphics and music don’t make up for what the game play is lacking either and while the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick up with the lack of variety in the twenty levels being only the number of fish that you have to swat away make Sea Spooney a very one dimensional game and can be completed easily within an hour.

The development team of Sea Spooney hope that this game will be “a gift of never ending smiles”, unfortunately they missed the mark as even if it does bring a smile to your face the game is so short your smile muscles will barely get a workout.


Price $.99

The Good

  • Simple controls
  • Only 99c

The Not So Good

  • Too short
  • No challenge
  • No variety

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Sea Spooney for iPone: Gameplay Video


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  • Booter

    As for me it was not very easy to pass game with Golden star on each level.

  • Booter

    As for me it was not very easy to pass game with Golden star on each level.

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