Scanner Pro Turns Your iPhone Into A Portable And User Friendly Scanner

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Scanner Pro Rating: ★★★★☆

Is that a scanner in your pocket? You’ll be pleased to use this!

Scanner Pro transforms iPhone into portable scanner in your pocket. It lets you scan multipage documents, email them and even upload to MobileMe iDisk or any other WebDAV enabled server. You can also transfer scanned document to desktop computer over Wi-Fi and, if you use iPhone 3GS, transform it into editable MS Word file with desktop OCR tool of your choice.

Storming in with a professional looking metallic theme and rather a bold claim of turning your iPhone into a portable scanner, Readdle offers yet another high quality business app for your iPhone. Scanner Pro which in reality is an app that takes images from your camera or camera roll (so pretty much anything) and compiles them into a .pdf file ready to be sent using a vast range of sharing functions.

Scanner Pro iPhone

Scanner Pro iPhone

You have in-app email, iDisk and webdav support and finally wifi sharing like a lot file storage apps however I couldn’t get this to work at time of review and more likely something on my side.

Scanner Pro iPhone_2

Scanner Pro iPhone_2

When creating a pdf you have a good deal of control on how you want it to look right up to adjusting the images in it, with an option to change it to grayscale and adjust it’s contrast and brightness this sadly is the limit of image post processing, but you are free to change the order of the images and add or remove them at any time. I’ve notice that if the application crashes while your adjusting a freshly taken image you will loose that image so you are better off taking pictures normally then importing them into scanner pro before tweaking them to your heart’s content.

Scanner Pro iPhone_3

Scanner Pro iPhone_3

I’m pleased to see multi document support with nice preview ability and a surprise appearance of password protection but only to access the pdf (no advanced print control functionality here) something I wouldn’t have expected in an app like this. A pretty comprehensive help function with navigation links is good to see here to help the non tech savvy of us however the flick to scroll feels a little off compared to anything else I’ve used so that makes long help pages a bit of a chore to scroll through.

Scanner Pro is perfect for the avid note taker more comfortable with pen and paper, still wanting to pass on their work digitally in a well supported format with an app that can fit in with a variety of business workflows. I do feel the current feature set doesn’t quite justify the pro moniker as the lack of annotation tools and full pdf security options let it down but I’m sure this will be fixed with future updates.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $6.99

(19/10/09) as of version 1

The Good

  • Range of sending methods
  • Password protection on .pdf files
  • Ability to re-order and delete pages

The Not So Good

  • Bit unstable
  • “pro” app needs more features

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan


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