Samsung To Unveil Next-Gen Galaxy S Smartphone Soon?

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Samsung Evolution is Fate

Samsung put the hype machine in overdrive after announcing ‘something big’ is on the way on a Samsung website.¬†Showing a picture of a Galaxy S beside a mystery device, Samsung added the words ‘evolution is fate’ for that added drama.

Expected to run Android 2.3 and possibly powered by Samsung’s new Cotex A9-based Orion, the mysterious device is the subject of much speculation. Does the word ‘evolution’ refer to the final latter in the acronym LTE? Possibly, and with CES bring full of devices complete with LTE radios it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Other potential additions are an 8 megapixel camera, LCD flash and Super AMOLED display according to Macworld.

Keep an eye out for Samsung’s unveiling on February 13 – days before Mobile World Congress kicks off.

Is this going to be a spruced up Nexus S? Watch this space.


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