Samsung Galaxy Tab sales ‘Quite Smooth’

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Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. It seems someone at Samsung has been a little economical with the truth of late! I’m sure we all remember Samsung boasting that they had managed to sell 1 million Galaxy Tabs by December and how by January that number had doubled to 2 million. The only sticking point? Well, they didn’t actually sell that many to actual customers. You know, of the paying kind.

During a quarterly earnings call on Friday, a Samsung exec. revealed that the figures they were so proud of don’t really tell the whole story. See, that’s the number they shifted to their retail partners and wireless companies throughout the globe. It’s NOT the number that paying customers have snapped up. In fact the number bought by customers is in fact ‘quite small’ as the executive is quoted as saying.

Samsung were quick to point out that they were ‘quite optimistic’ about 2011 but they declined to go further than that.

I can’t be the only one who’s desperate to hear real sales numbers for the Galaxy Tab! I want to know whether, as I suspect, the real Android fans out there are waiting for Honeycomb to put in an appearance before splashing the cash or if the Tab is just hampered by the extortionate price.

Do you have, or even plan to buy a Galaxy Tab? Do you like it, and do you wish you’d waited? Answers in the comments below please, I’d love to hear from you!


Samsung’s executive Lee Young-hee actually said, “and then in terms of sell out we also believe that was quite smooth”. The original transcript of the call quoted her incorrectly as saying they were “quite small.”

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