Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Cross 600k in the First Month

Samsung’s entry into the burgeoning tablet market, the Galaxy Tab, has sold 600,000 units according to the Korean technology giant. This impressive figure comes from a worldwide market of 30 countries, reports Electronista, and makes the Galaxy Tab the world’s second fastest selling tablet behind Apple’s iPad.

After a stuttering release throughout many countries over the last few weeks, Samsung’s Android-based tablet is finally starting to gain some momentum among new tablet buyers. With new tablets starting to appear from the likes of Toshiba and Lenovo, Samsung will undoubtedly be hoping sales don’t slow too much, especially with Apple expected to announce the successor to the original iPad in early 2011.

Since its release earlier this year, Apple’s iPad has stormed to a 95% tablet market share, but the majority of its life has been spent as the only real consumer-orientated machine. Hopefully the influx of Android hardware plus the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will push Apple forward with its own devices.

Front-facing camera and retina-display please Mr. Jobs!

[via Electronista]


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