Roswell Fighter: Annihilate Aliens In This Impressive Shoot’Em Up For iPhone

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Roswell Fighter Rating: ★★★★☆

Shoot’Em ups have been a mainstay of gamers ever since computer games became popular. From the original Space Invaders to my old school favorite T-Type and beyond shooting wave after wave of ensuing enemies has proven to be a favorite pass-time of old and new gamers alike across all major platforms too. The iPhone/iPod touch is no different and the latest to hit the App Store is Roswell Fighter by GameLab Innovation Center.

Roswell fighter iPhone

Roswell fighter iPhone

Your role is to defend the earth from an Alien Attack in the 1950’s! Yes, the 1950’s, not too sure why it’s been set in the 50’s but it certainly works and the 50’s style graphics and especially the 50’s rock n roll music create an excellent atmosphere from the movie intro, menu’s and in-game music the game sticks to its retro theme.

The game is the classic 2.5D vertical up-screen scroller where you take control of your bi-plane either using the accelerometer or your finger to control its direction around the screen. For me the accelerometer doesn’t offer the same responsiveness as the touch controls, however, if your finger doesn’t have quite the right level of greasiness it can be fairly tricky as well.

The scenery looks great as you fly over it but you won’t have to long to enjoy its beauty as before long wave after wave of enemy attacks will start from both the air and ground in a variety of forms. From bases on the ground gun fire and rockets will rain down on you while from the air UFO’s of many different types and sizes will attack you from all angles.

Power-ups take the standard course with simple vertical trajectory of your fire power at the start being increased one power-up at a time to a wider and wider arc, in addition at times you will find yourself flanked on either side acting as your wingmen. The difference between saving the world and it’s inevitable demise by the hand of the alien force can often be down to the proper utilization of the two special weapons. The first is a bomb that will destroy all enemies on the screen while the other is a lightning bolt of fire that will annihilate everything in its path. Both weapons ate limited however so correct deployment is a must.

Difficulty through the 10 levels is paced very well with the first couple of levels giving you some relatively easy shooting practice before the difficulty begins to ramp up.

The game will be completed relatively easily by many players however that’s not to say that this isn’t great value for money esp. if you pick it up now where it’s only 99c and with extra levels and features already promised in future updates this could work out to be a real bargain.


The Good

  • Great atmosphere
  • Simple accurate controls
  • Adrenalin pumping fun

The Not So Good

  • No online scoring
  • Only 10 levels (at present)

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Roswell Fighter: iPhone Gameplay


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