Kick Some Serious Elephy In Rolling Spells HD for iPad [Review]

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Rolling Spells HD Review

Rating: ★★★½☆

Rolling Spells HD takes an interesting story and unique gameplay to make one heck of a game for your iPad. The game uses a unique mechanic that tasks you with switching a bunch of dividers to different angles so the colored balls falling from the top fall into their designated receptacle. You are to help the Good Fairy rid the world of the dreaded Elephy who as it sounds; looks like the cross between an evil elephant and fly. You must help the Good Fairy gather the necessary ingredients for her magical potions so you can dispose of Elephy and his menacing companions.

The game takes you on a journey through 35 levels in which you will take on eight original monsters. You will have a map that will guide you along your quest towards Elephy. The Good Fairy is also always willing to share some useful tips and advice. The map not only provides you with a means of seeing where you have been but also how well you did when you took on that challenge. After each challenge you will get a rating of gold, silver or bronze. The ultra-competitive like myself will never be satisfied with less than gold but you do not have to reach gold to continue which is nice. You can always come back to a level to pass it with a gold prize so not to break up the gameplay. This also gave the game some replay value on many of the levels that I was unable to get gold on the first try. Aside from the map, you also have the always useful “Book of Knowledge”. This book has everything you need to know about the world you are encountering. It tells you how the different spells work, how to get different prizes, what to do and who to fear. This thing comes in extremely handy unless you have a knack for memorizing things quickly.

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The gameplay mechanic is a tricky one to explain but a fairly simple one the figure out. I like to think of it as Plinko from The Price Is Right you only get to designate which direction the dividers will send the balls down the screen. Along the way you have other tasks as well that are not always mandatory but that can help you. Along the right side of the screen you will notice some gold triangles that have the picture of a given spell next to them. If you see a gold ball cascading down the screen instead of green, blue or red you can angle these balls towards the gold triangle and you will receive the spell that corresponds with that triangle. These can become invaluable as you carry on throughout missions. Of course if there are aids like the gold balls, there will be road blocks such as locks that appear on the screen when you see a lock you must wait for a gold ball to appear and angle it towards the gold triangle with a key next to it. Sometimes there are multiple locks and they can be a real pain because if a green, blue or red ball hits a lock it disappears. After you unlock the locks they become a normal divider that can be used to angle the balls in the right direction. Another example of road blocks are the bees that will fly by and try to steal the balls and fly away with them. It is important to tap on them to knock them out so they don’t take your balls. Along the way you will find more aids and obstacles such as these but they help make the game experience one of a kind.

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The visual and audio presentation on display in this game are great. I really enjoyed the audio and all the simple little noises that accompanied all of your actions that help to make the sound scheme ever-changing and diverse. The visual presentation is obvious from start to finish. They do a great job of taking advantage of the large iPad screen so that the game never feels scrunched and always looks sharp. You have smooth gameplay from start to finish.


  • Addictive & Unique Gameplay
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Story to back the game


  • More levels would be nice
  • Mini games would be another cool addition

$2.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Updated: Mar 12, 2011
Current Version: 1.3
Size: 92.1 MB
Language: English
Seller: Denis Oleynik
© Melior Games
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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