Rogue Sky HD Review: A Game that Blows, And That’s a Good Thing!

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Rating: ★★★★½

Rogue Sky HD Review: The idea of a game based on hot air ballooning doesn’t instantly grab the attention and hot air ballooning is exactly what you get with Rogue Sky HD {$1.99} which is a new iPad game from Chillingo.

If your looking for or expecting a quiet float over the countryside as you count sheep and cows in the fields below you are going to be very disappointed as Rogue Sky HD is all about action, battles and navigating mazes as you race through the skies.

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The game has a great Gothic look to it and although most of the time is spent flying through a maze of clouds the overall feel is wonderful and the atmosphere is enhanced by the moody music that keeps you entertained as you progress through the levels. There are a few different types of level too with my favorite, and most challenging, being the battle levels levels where at the other end of the spectrum are simple races through the clouds.

The controls are easy and intuitive with just two buttons control your movement and navigation while an additional two buttons will launch your attacks with bombs being thrown and dropped from your balloons basket. Pressing both of the buttons at the same time will move you upwards while the left and right buttons will move the left and right respectively.

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It’s not only other hot air balloons that you have to do battle with as you traverse the skies as the clouds themselves hold a secret of their own. While passing past the fluffy white clouds is easy enough the dark clouds will grab hold of you with strikes of lightning that will quickly depreciate your energy resulting in your balloon crashing to earth.

There are opportunities to replenish your energy but they are few and far between so avoiding collisions is the best bet all round. Help is around the corner though as when you earn points by completing the levels you can unlock bigger, faster and stronger balloons.

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While there is action a plenty in the skies of Rogue Sky HD there is never any pressure as there is no time limit to completing the levels with success instead being measured by the points earned by collecting stars as you navigate the sky maze.

If you are looking for a fun challenge and something that’s a little bit different from the normal action shooter then Rouge Sky HD is definitely for you and at the current price of just $1.99 it’s a real steal.
Rogue Sky HD - Chillingo Ltd

  • Beautiful Gothic graphics
  • Enthralling music
  • Challenging levels


  • Over too quickly!


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