Rock Band Reloaded: iPhone and iPad Screenshots [Upcoming Game]

Rock Band Reloaded iPhone_1

Are you ready to plug your headphones and rock out to the one and only Rock Band? EA Mobile is preparing to launch their upcoming game for iPhone and iPad called ‘Rock Band Reloaded.’ The game is based on the popular rhythm genre where you have to tap scrolling musical “notes” accurately in order to form streaks and achieve high scores.

We reviewed the original iPhone version last year and were very impressed with the quality of gameplay and also enjoyed the multiplayer options via bluetooth. This year we can’t wait to see how EA will leverage iPhone 4’s retina display and possibly integrate Game Center too. One of the best features about Rock Band is that it offers the option to play Bass, Guitar, Drums or Vocals.

At this moment we just have some screenshots to share with you and be sure to check back soon for more details regarding the release date, price and detailed review.

Rock Band Reloaded for iPhone and iPad Preview

Rock Band Reloaded iPhone_1

Rock Band Reloaded iPhone_4

Rock Band Reloaded iPhone_2

Rock Band Reloaded iPhone_5


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