Robo Dude for iPad A Good Addition to the Brick Breaker Genre

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Robo Dude Brick breaker

Robo Dude¬†Rating: ★★★½☆

I had a brick breaker style game back when I had one of my first mobile phone. This was back in the day when Sony Erricson were big in the cell phone market so that gives you an idea of how long ago it was! It was a simple game where your task was to bounce a ball against a wall knocking out all the bricks using a paddle that you could move left and right.

It was a simple game for a simple time and I spent many hours trying to beat my high scores and progressing to the new wall.

The latest incarnation of the genre is Robo Dude for iPad and for some reason they’ve added a back story of love between robots. It’s a pretty loose story and to be honest I did find that it added nothing to the game. Completing a level and moving on to the next was enough of an incentive for me.

The game itself works very week on the iPad. The accelerometer enables a choice of ways to control you paddle along the bottom of the screen. By default you control it via the tilting of the iPad. However you can also control the paddle by dragging your finger across the screen. After trying both out for a few games I decided that the accelerometer controls were the most responsive.

The initial set of 20 levels, there are 80 in total, sets you the task of collecting 20 coins and this is completed by simply completing the 20 levels. Tis is no easy task though as you only have three lives and the levels get more and more complex as you progress.

Unlike the simple rectangular blocks that built the wall that I attempted to breakdown on my old cell phone Rodo Dude presents a wide range of bricks each with their own requirements for breaking through them. Some will take a single shot while others will require a hit on the side before you hit them on the top. This is a nice enhancement to the original and keeps things interesting.

Robo Dude iPad

As you complete the first few levels you will start collecting coins and balls that are released when bricks are destroyed. These collectables can then be exchanged for weapons that can help clear large areas of the wall in one go.

These power-ups don’t come cheap though so while they are effective they should be used wisely to maximize their affect.

The levels look bold and bright and there is always something going on although as with any similar game when only one block remains it can be frustrating trying to get the right angle to clear it and move onto the next level.

The game handles multiple profiles so more than one player can play the game on a single device but there is no multiple option or leader boards which is a disappointment.

Overall Robo Dude is an enjoyable brick breaker game with a lot to offer. And while there are some frustrations the overall game is enjoyable to play and with over 80 levels should keep you busy for some time.

It’s currently available in the App Store with an introductory half price offer and if you like this sort of game and don’t need multi player and leader boards then Robo Dude will keep you entertained for some time.


  • 80 Levels of high impact brick breaking fun
  • Two control methods
  • Big levels with lots of options and power ups


  • Large levels can lead to frustration
  • No multi player options
  • No leader board

$1.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 28, 2010
24.7 MB
Seller:Ovidiu Ene
© Magic Games
Rated 4+
Requirements:Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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