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review-sizz-iphone-puzzle-game-promo-codesRating: ★★★★½

SIZZ is an addictive puzzler that will have you claiming, “Just one more go…..”

Your aim is to build closed paths by moving and rotating
the tiles which the computer offers you.
The more tiles you use, the higher is the score.
Building three large figures in a line starts the triple score mode, which will push your earnings to really high values.

When I first picked up SIZZ from The App Dojo I was a little skeptical. Puzzle games have a lot to live up to they need to get the balance just right between simplicity and addictiveness. Simplicity should be easy to do…addictiveness on the other hand is a mysterious beast that everyone knows exists but few have been able to tame.

So how does SIZZ compare to these two standards? SIZZ has a very simple and challenging gameplay after a quick read of the instructions, which were clear and concise, I delved back into the playing arena.

The play area consists of 19 hexagons in a honeycomb configuration. The playing area looks good but is not graphically exciting and it would have been nice to be rewarded as you progress with more colors and styles but that being said it doesn’t take anything away from the game play. The layout of the screen works well and the playing pieces are easily navigated.

As soon as you click start the first piece is added to the board ready for placement and as you would expect time is not your friend here. Your task is to place the pieces to complete closed paths which will in turn explode, clear the pieces and gain you much needed points.

Doing this at speed initially is not easy though. The pieces come in a variety of forms and angles and it can take a while before you can quickly view a piece and place it correctly at pace. Eventually though the shapes and forms become more recognizable and before long you will be working out strategies and planning your moves well in advance which is a necessity as the pace of the game speeds up as you progress through the levels.

As is standard with most puzzle games the bigger the closed paths are the more points you get and when you reach 10,000 you get the ability to play a Joker which will clear the whole playing area and can come as a significant relief to get rid of some of the stubborn unplayable pieces that have been placed.

As I mentioned before time and placement is the key and one wrong move can result in the whole playing area becoming unplayable and a swift end to the game, this is one change I would like to see. It’s not possible to replace any piece once it’s been placed and while you wouldn’t want the ability to do this indefinitely a 3 strike rule per level would make the game more playable.

The game is for one player and has only a local high score table which doesn’t even allow adding your name. Options are also limited to the standard Sound and Music volume controls plus the addition of being able to control the placement of the rotation buttons to the bottom left, right or center of the screen.

After a few plays SIZZ is already showing signs of having one of the most important qualities of any game, the quality of “Oh, just one more try”.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4 Price $.99

The Good

  • Simple concept
  • Quick to learn
  • Addictive qualities

The Not So Good

  • Unforgiving gameplay
  • Repetitive

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