Popper : A Clever Twist

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review-popper-iphone-applicationRating: ★★★★☆

A clever twist on the color matching game.

If you like Tetris and Breaker, you’ll love Popper!
+ Delicious graphics
+ Tangy game play – twist and turn handset to get more pops!
+ 10 levels of gameplay, each level increasing in difficulty
+ Are you a lefty? Go to “settings” and put the “fire” button on the left!

• press the red fire button to shoot pop
• hit like-colored pops to clear each screen
• clear the pops quickly – when they start to glow red it means they’re about to cross the dotted “die line” at the bottom of the screen.
• when the “bomb” appears to clear loads of pops all at once!
• when the “clock” appears, tap it to gain more time for that level
• when the “rescue ring” appears, tap it to move pops further from the die line.
• when the “+100, +200” icons appear, tap on them to get more points

Popper is a fun filled and fast paced game which will engage you for a long time to come!

A complete twist on the age old game where you simply fire your object at static colors to match them and make them disappear, this game mixes it up with different modes for each level, from a spinning circle of erm pills (?) to a moving wall and many others. Be warned the game is not very forgiving as the aiming controls are accelerometer based and there’s not even an option for an aiming sight to help you out but if you can get used to the pace and the aiming then this game is a lot of fun. The controls are simple, one button for fire and another for rotation (thoughtfully has an option to flip the controls for left handed users) aiming as previously mentioned is accelerometer based so you have to tilt the device side to side to aim and in keeping with the dynamic nature of the levels the aiming style often changes from level to level, sometimes being locked to the center of the screen others moving along the bottom in a break out block style.

My problems with this game are lack of option to turn off the music, asking to use my location for what reasons I don’t know and not making use of a keyboard when entering your name into the highscore board, relying instead on old school arrows to go through the alphabet for each character.

In future versions I would like to see an option of controlling your aim in a different manner other than tilting your device for the sake of accessibility and more levels.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99

The Good

  • Challenging
  • Dynamic and fun levels
  • Sweet graphics

The Not so Good

  • No keyboard for highscore name
  • One aiming method and no aiming sight option

Reviewer: TylerDurdan


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