Micro Mayhem: Unleash the Fun!

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review-micro-mayhem-iphone-team-phobicRating: ★★★★☆

Micro Mayhem brings mini fun to your handheld

Team Phobic, the developer of Bounce On, presents Micro Mayhem, the action-packed party game that is 25 games in one! Fly rockets, drive cars, solve puzzles, power windmills, improve your reflexes, and sharpen your memory in a series of fast paced micro-games.

See how far you can get in the endless single player mode, or hone your skills in practice mode by playing any micro-game at increasing difficulties.

Challenge your friends in party mode, passing the device after each micro-game and see who reigns supreme!

Fans of Wario Ware or Four Second Frenzy will definitely enjoy the past paced chaos that is Micro Mayhem.

Micro Mayhem is a fast paced, action packed party game in the style of Wario Ware that’s available on all the Nintendo platforms.

Three styles of play are available, Normal, Practice and Party all of which offer a different flavor of the same frantic action.

Launching Practice mode allows you to choose from any one of the 25 mini games to hone your skills for the serious challenge ahead. What is nice about Practice mode is that it is a game in itself too as it keeps track of your high scores against each on the games and some practice will be needed as you don’t get much time before the bomb fuse signals that your time is up.

Selecting a game in Practice Mode is done via stretch and zoom screen where you can pinch and scroll the screen to find the game you want to play and then you get to play the same game as many times as you can before your 3 lives are up.

Normal and Party mode are the same game with the one difference being that in Party mode you get to pass the handset between the multiple players until there is only one person standing after all other players have lost their lives. The number of lives can also be controlled so that the game can be as short or as long as you like.

As soon as you launch either the Normal or Party modes the action comes thick and fast and with some of the games being in portrait and some in landscape you have to be alert to switch the orientation as required.

The 25 games include focusing a camera, unlocking a padlock, solving math puzzles, flying a rocket, driving a car and popping balloons along with 19 others and all take advantage of the accelerometer and touch screen. The game sound, graphics and style are similar to that of the 16 bit console era but that is no bad thing for this type game.

High scores are kept locally with no online functionality. The game is fun, especially so in Party mode but even with 25 mini games available it can get a little repetitive.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99

The Good

  • Fast & Furious game play
  • Fun party mode
  • Simple to play

The Not So Good

  • No difficulty curve
  • No online High Scores

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

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