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kaloki-adventure-iphone-game-reviewsRating: ★★★★★

Kaloki Adventure puts the ‘sim’ into Simply Fantastic!

Kaloki Adventure challenges players to race against time to save the princess while building lemonade stands, arcades, gardens, chemistry labs and a whole slew of expansions to keep their space guests happy. Solve challenges, entertain visiting aliens, keep your ratings high, and rake in the money on your way to fame and glory!


–14 levels of heart-pounding story mode
–Six bonus free-form scenarios
–Space station tycoon-style gameplay with a light-hearted story; easy to pick up and play
–A distinctive art style and a catchy soundtrack
–Auto Save: progress is automatically saved in the event of a disturbance during play.

Many of you will already know Kaloki Adventure from its Xbox and PC version named Outpost Kaloki, but I’m new to this sim game but can already see why it’s proved so popular on the other platforms.

The game takes the Lemonade Stand style game to another level as well as taking it to a new location, this time, outer space! While you start out building liquid refreshment outlets you are soon required to move onwards and upwards to Ponds, Chemical Labs, Pawn Shops to name a few and this is all balanced with providing the appropriate power supply and giving the people what they want.

Different goals are set on each level by your intergalactic guides and you’ll need to meet you goals by buying the appropriate extension to your space station and sometimes you’ll have to take 1 step back to make 2 steps forward.

Each extension that you build can be tweaked to increase its earning potential; however your stores, power supplies and all other items have built in costs to and can also ultimately break down and you’ll need to call the Repair Bots or even sell it completely!

The learning curve on the game is set just right with the pace of building the right items at the right pace before you your time runs out. What adds even more value to the game though is the ranking system where you are awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on how quickly you complete each level. This means that even while you may be able to complete the 14 levels you’ll still have the challenge of going back to improve your times.

In addition to the story mode there are also 6 scenarios where there are no goals and no time limits where you can simply build to your hearts content. This is a great place to practice without the need to look at the clock.

The cartoon style graphics work perfectly and the control mechanism for navigating the space station and selecting your next purchase are very intuitive. The music creates a good atmosphere and while the sounds effects are minimal they do work.

Ninja Bee have done a wonderful port of the game to the iPhone/iPod Touch and it will give you hours of enjoyment. What’s stopping you from buying it now?

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

The Good

  • Lots of challenges
  • High replay value
  • Nice carton graphics

The Not So Good

  • None!

Kaloki Adventure Screenshots

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