Game Review: iZombie Death March

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Rating: ★★★★☆

iZombie Death March brings blood-soaked Zombie shooting experience with it’s gory graphics and shrieking sound effects to your iPhone/iPod touch!

Survive zombies, and defend against chainsaw monsters, demonic dogs, flying skulls, and Mama. Six chilling missions with 4 difficulty levels – Easy, Normal, Death Wish, and Nightmare. Unlock missions, weapons, and cheats. Battle through graveyards, abandoned fields, industrial bunkers and treacherous roadways. Avoid being eaten alive!

The main objective of iZombie Death March is to shoot all the Zombies to stay alive. iZombie Death March has six chapters (Point Blank, Guardian, Bunker, Graveyard, Runaway and extraction) and within each chapter it features 4 levels (Easy, Normal, Death Wish and nightmare)

The gameplay is very simple, intuitive and enjoyable. You shoot the Zombies by tapping on the screen. SonicBOOM incorporates the tilt control very well within some chapters where you need to turn your device on flashlight and driving levels. iZombie Death March lets you concentrate on the main objective of the game by giving unlimited Ammo with automatic weapon reloading.

Each chapter in iZombie Death March has a unique gameplay and features weapons and cheats that can be unlocked which makes the game very interesting.

iZombie Death March is a remarkably well built first person Zombie shooting game with great graphics and sound effects.

Touch Reviews Highly Recommends iZombie Death March!

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99

The Good

  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • 6 Chapters with unique gameplay
  • Challenging levels

The Not So Good

  • We would like to see an online multiplayer with Push Notification
  • More chapters
  • Online Scoreboard

iZombie Death March Tips and Tricks

  • In the first chapter try and anticipate the Zombies direction and shoot
  • In Runaway continue shooting in one direction (front)
  • In Extraction use multitouch and cover the directions with less distance first.

iZombie Death March Sreenshots

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  • Shane Wang

    Haha, nice. Reminds me of… boxhead zombie wars. And iDracula.

  • Shane Wang

    Haha, nice. Reminds me of… boxhead zombie wars. And iDracula.

  • TouchReviews

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