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Rating: ★★★★☆

Drum Meister is a great music app to carry your beats where ever you go and a cool way to show off what your iPhone/iPod touch is capable of.

* 10 drum components are playable simultaneously
* Arrange drum components to make your fingers comfortable
* Mixes high quality poly-phony sounds with no clipping at the end
* 3-D Positioning sounds
* Open hihat features quick stop
* Record and save your own beats
* 25 pre-recorded beats (Rock, Jazz, Latin, Ballad, Dance…)
* Slide and play
* Activates motion sensor for playing bass drum and cymbals
* Great responsiveness for double bass and fast beats
* Animated visual effect

There are plenty of Drum apps in the App Store so the addition of a new one is going to have to grab some headlines to beat off the competition and the new one in question is Drum Meister.

Priced at $1.99 Drum Meister sits in the middle of the price range but functionality wise is pushing for the top spot. When starting the app you are instantly presented with the default drum set including 10 high quality sample sounds and this gives you the instant gratification of banging out a rhythm with no setup at all. The layout of the kit sits easily with your fingers and the crisp accurate sounds of the drums adds to the enjoyment, plug in your headphones and the sounds get even better.

Entering the options menu allows you to make a couple of changes with the key one being the setup of the Motion Sensor sound where you can pick from the Kick, C, S & R Cymbol’s. While the motion sensor seems like a good idea there is no control on the sensitivity of the motion control which can lead to un-wanted beats while you are in mid-thrash. It’s a small issue and unless you have a light touch you may end up turning the Motion Sensor off.

Drum Meister allows you to not only play along with your favorite songs from your iPod library but it also allows you to record you beats to listen back to at your leisure, although giving you the ability to upload your tunes or download the tracks of others would be nice. One of the strongest features of drum Meister is the ability to re-arrange the drum components to match your style and comfort.

Drum Meister also comes with 25 preloaded tracks covering Rock, Metal, Dance, Jazz and Ballads so even if you’re not the best at banging out the tunes you can certainly pretend to be!

This is V1.0 of Drum Meister and it’s a good effort, hopefully an update with a few tweaks will make this a solid application.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

The Good

  • Clear, crisp drum sounds
  • Good drum layout for easy drumming
  • Record function
  • Arrange drum components

The Not So Good

  • No upload/download feature
  • Motion Sensor too sensitive


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