Retina iPad Mini Introduction To Wait Until 2014

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retina iPad mini

The launch of Apple’s much awaited retina iPad mini could possibly be delayed according to a new report. When Apple introduced the smaller screen size tablet it used the same screen resolution of the full-sized iPad of 1024×768. Even as the entire iOS device lineup comes with retina display, the iPad mini did not feature the high pixel density screen.

Retina displays are costlier than the non-retina screens and also impact the battery and graphics performance of the device. Apple’s move to a retina iPad mini could significantly impact the cost which could be one of the reasons why the company decided to introduce the product line without the retina display.

The company is expected to refresh the iPad mini product line-up this fall however, according to a new report customers waiting for a retina display iPad mini may have to wait until early 2014. The Taiwanese Economic News Daily claims that the shortage of retina displays could cause the delay in the product release and Apple would be forced to push the release date to early next year.

In this situation, Apple could possibly follow the release cycle same as the third and fourth gen iPad where the company released an updated fourth-gen iPad within less than a year. The second-gen iPad mini could see some minor processor upgrade and the retina display iPad mini could be introduced as the third-gen iPad mini.

Apple’s product release cycle is increasingly becoming predictable as the company seems to introduce internal improvements in one generation and then introduce an all-new model the next generation.


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