New Report Shows Dominance of Apple’s iOS and iPad

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New research documents the success of the Apple’s iOS platform and the iPad. comScore, Inc. released a report that shows just how pervasive they have become.

iOS accounts for the largest share of the connected devices – which includes smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices – with a 43.1 percent share. Android has the highest share of the smartphone market with 43.7 percent, but the iPad pushes the iOS platform into the lead overall.

When using traffic to measure the impact of the iOS platform, the market share jumps to 58.5 percent. Android is second with a 31.9 percent share of non-computer browser-based page views. This would indicate that iOS users are heavier users of Internet content than Android folks.

The iOS platform also accounts for the largest share of Internet traffic, measured in terms of browser-based page views, in the U.S. at present. When measuring market share of Internet traffic by platform, iOS accounted for more than half (58.5 percent) of the share of total non-computer traffic in the U.S. Android OS ranked second, delivering 31.9 percent of overall non-computer traffic in August.

The iPad, however, really dominates. Of all tablet traffic in the U.S., iPads account for 97.2 percent. iPad traffic has even topped iPhones, with a 46.8 percent share compared to a 42.6 share. And what’s even more interesting for content developers, half of iPad users have made a purchase from the device.

While non-computer traffic is still a small share of all digital traffic around the world, it’s growing quickly and iOS and iPads are leading the way.


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  • Anonymous

    Yep Android is number one with smartphones, but soon enough the dummies that buy an inferior product like the ipad with change when they learn what android in a tablet does compared to a lousy brick like the ipad.

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