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Math Ref is a perfect app for all those who love Math or are studying the subject. With an ever increasing number of formulas and continual updates Math Ref proves to be one of the best reference apps in the App Store.

The app features more than 1200 mathematical formulas, tips, figures and examples of equations and concepts.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Some of the new features in Math Ref V2.2 are:

New Sections:
-Interactive periodic table
-Probability and Statistics

-More functions
-Help on graphing functions
-Solving perfect squares

-Functions and derivative tests
-Typo fixing

-Integration by partial fractions
-Typo fixing

Table of integrals:
-Typo fixing

-Typo fixing

Vector Calculus:
-Differential Geometry

-Quantum mechanics
-Navier-Stokes equations
-Friction term added to Bernoulli Equations
-Sonic velocity
-Added precision to constants
-Typo fixing

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Math Ref iPhone

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Math Ref iPhone Promo Codes


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