Red Bull Soapbox: Race To The App Store To Purchase This Wacky Racing Game

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Red Bull Soapbox Rating: ★★★★☆

Enjoy crazy costumes? Love nutty competitions? The race is now on with the release of Red Bull Soapbox developed by German studio HandyGames. It’s a more comical take on the need for speed as you slither into your wackiest outfit and compete against the nuttiest teams in your home-made soapbox.

Part of the game comes from building your own jalopy – something that’s enabled using a comprehensive construction editor. The sillier the better but make sure it is a solid ride. Otherwise your precious wreck may end up in pieces during the hasty plunge.

Red Bull Soapbox is a very fun racing game that is not only racing but dancing, building, and many other fun mini games as well. Battle through many levels and downhill tracks (21 tracks spread across 7 cities) avoiding various obstacles as you try to get the highest score. It doesn’t stop here. Speed isn’t the only thing you are awarded points for.

Ingenuity as well as performance and any tricks and jumps you are able to pull of will boost your score. This game has great controls that make it amusing without getting in the way of the high-speed action.

If you think you are able to impress the judges with your savvy creativity while adding in a “wow” factor for your cheering fans with crazy tricks and jumps this game is must. Better race to the app store to purchase this crowd pleaser along with a chance to make it onto the Red Bull Soapbox winner’s podium. Just hope your wheels don’t fall along the way.
Price $3.99

The Good

  • Comprehensive building kit for creating crazy constructions
  • Execute daredevil special moves and trackside repairs
  • Ghost races to improve your records
  • User-friendly controls

The Not So Good

  • Inability to compete against other people
  • Lacks online leaderboard
  • Graphics could be enhanced

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

HandyGames – Red Bull Soapbox Race – Trailer iPhone / iPod touch game


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