‘Red Ball 3 HD’ Review: A simple game for younger players

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Red Ball 3 HDRating: ★★½☆☆

You’ve all heard the story before, ball boy meets ball girl, ball girl gets kidnapped, ball boy has to travel through perilous lands to rescue girl. Well now you can live out that story with Red Ball 3 HD for iPhone and iPad.

The back story plays out during a short animated video at the beginning of the game before you are launched into 20 levels of puzzles and challenges as you seek to rescue your ball girlfriend.

Controls are as easy as you can get with two arrows controlling the way that your ball will roll and a single action button to make your ball jump. You can switch these buttons around two for left and right-handed players.

The game is all about the timing of the jump and navigating the various challenges that you’ll come across over the 20 challenging levels. There are platforms to navigate, tunnels to maneuver through, carts to ride, water to swim through, levers to push, buttons to press in a combination of puzzles and athletics to complete each level.

The graphics are simple yet effect, with a style that will probably appeal to younger players rather than the more mature player that will demand a more sophisticated look and challenge.

The 20 levels all contain 3 stars that can be collected through the course of completing the levels although you don’t need to collect them all to complete the levels.

Being part of the Chillingo family of games means that it not only benefits from being part of the Chrystal Gaming Network but it’s also integrated with Apple’s Game Center which includes 15 achievements and a global leader board for you to climb.

While some of the levels will take you a few goes to navigate, or a little longer if you want to capture all the stars there is nothing too challenging here for the experienced iPhone gamer which again directs the game at the younger player who will probably enjoy the simple controls and jolly music.

Over all Red Ball 3 HD isn’t going to keep you entertained for too long although while it lasts it is fairly enjoyable. At $1.99 it’s double the price of some of similar, and better, titles but it does benefit from being a universal application meaning that you can play the game on both your iPhone and iPad should you be lucky enough to own both.


  • Simple controls
  • Jolly music
  • One for the kids


  • Not enough levels
  • Too easy
  • Simple graphics

Price: $1.99 (View in App Store)


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