Reckless Racing for iPhone. A Top Down Racer That Sets New Standards

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Reckless Racing Rating: ★★★★½

EA a renowned name for producing quality titles across all devices and no more so than the range of games they’ve produced for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Most of these games however are big named games ported from other game systems, Reckless Racing however breaks that mold as it debuts onto Apple’s handheld device.

There have been top down racers before but none on a held device that matches the quality of Reckless Racing especially in the graphics department. The tracks may be small but they are beautifully formed and as you race around them it’s difficult not to notice the attention to detail that has been put into this game.

From the dust and dirt being spun up by the spinning tires, the water bubbling over rocks in the stream that you have to drive through at times and the detail in the buildings that crowd the track the game just sparkles, especially on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. The beauty doesn’t deminish either when playing online or suffer from slow down which is good to see.

The sound, the music at least, could be pretty decisive, with a banjo laden track being repeatidly played throughout the game. This can be turned off however so if it does get on your nerves it can be easily switched of. The sound effects are effective too with the cars sounding suitably throaty as they charge around the off tracks.

The single player game is split into three modes, Dirt Rally, Hot Lap and Delivery. The first two pretty much speak for themselves, in Dirty Lap you race against either 4 or 6 AI controlled cars to win a race over a set number of laps while in Hot Lap it’s just you against the clock, and your ghost, as you race around the 5 tracks on your own.

One of the down sides to Reckless Racing is the number of tracks especially considering how small they are. Individually the size of the tracks is just perfect for the racing but overall having only five tracks, 10 if you count the reverse of them, is rather limiting and I certainly hope that more tracks become avialable in a future update.

The final game type is Delivery, a unique addition which tasks you with collecting trailers of goods and delivery them as quickly as possible. This mode is played on a new unique track and can be played over 3, 5 or 8 minutes at a time. Deliver the goods fast and you will be rewarded with more money. I liked this addition to the game and if more tracks are added to this mode too and it gets added to the multi-player option then it will make a great game even better.

So that brings me on to the multi-player option. Playing certain games against your friends and other real people online an make or break a game and so it is great to see online multi-player added to Reckless Racing from the word go. As mentioned previously the two modes available to play online are Dirt Rally and Hot Lap and the host of the game gets to choose which type of race you’ll be playing.

When playing online you are taken into a Lobby where all the hosted games are listed. Considering this game has only just launched I was pleased to see the amount of games available to join. Listed in the Lobby is the name of the race, entered by the host, and the current number of players. What’s not included is the type of race being played or whether the race is in progress or not. It would be nice to see these options available in the Lobby before entering the race.

There’s also no overall ranking or leagues to compete in so while racing online is smooth and has little or no lag in my experience the fact that there is no lasting reward to it other than race itself left it feeling a little lacking. That being said the online racing is fun and adds extra value to the overall gaming experience.

All of this however would amount to nothing if the controls weren’t up to the task. No worries there though either as there are five, yes five, sets of controls to choose from as well as the ability to choose auto accelerate and the sensitivity of your steering. Standard steering mode was my favorite, utilizing four separate buttons for left, right, accelerate and reverse seemed to offer the maximum level of control and dexterity, having id that though having tank, tilt, half wheel and whole wheel options will enable everyone the opportunity to find the right solution for them.

For some people used to paying no more than 99 cents for a game may see the $2.99 price tag two high, for me however it’s worth every cent and should further updates add more tracks and online rankings it while make this game easily my #1 game on the iPhone 4.


  • The best lookig racing on the iPhone
  • Controls that simply work
  • Online multi-player that’s as smooth as silk


  • More tracks need
  • Onlone ranking to add extra value

$2.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released:Oct 21, 2010
39.3 MB
Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Seller:Electronic Arts
Reckless Racing (TM) © 2010 Pixelbite AB. All Rights Reserved.
Rated 4+
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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