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Realtime Pro Football ’09 Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’ve read the title of this new iPhone/iPod Touch app and think that your about to dive in to a brand new 3D all action American Football game take a deep breath and a step back because this couldn’t be further from that. But different isn’t always bad so don’t be disappointed and move on, instead stay and learn about an app that could change the way you watch football.

So what is Realtime Pro Football ’09? RPF09 is a consolidation of Blogs, News Feeds and Twitter Feeds from not only all the NFL Teams and major NFL news sources but also from all the players that Tweet too. The first thing to note is that you don’t need a Twitter account to use this app, so if your one of the millions that hasn’t jumped into the Twitter world but would still like to see what all your favorite, and not so favorite players, are saying then this is your chance.

On loading the app you have four options, Teams, Blogs, Press or All where all combines everything into one long stream of content while the other options split the streams down. Team mode allows you to select the your team of choice and view both the Tweets from your teams players and the latest news and chatter from the your teams news sources. Just looking across some of the streams and there are some big name players allowing the general public access to them via Twitter, these include Roy Williams, Reggie Bush & Jeremy Shockey.

The News & Chatter brings together up to date information from both official and unofficial sources so keeping up to date with what’s happening not only at your favorite team but at every NFL team couldn’t be easier. The Blog page just adds to the content, this time with opinion from all the blogs at making this really a one stop shop for all your NFL news, gossip and opinion. In addition links to complete individual Twitter streams and Wikipedia pages are provide too.

While the graphics aren’t going to generate any gasps of amazement they are functional and navigation around the different sources of information is all just a couple of taps away at most.

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There are also no options to control the refresh rate to a manual click is required you want to update the streams while in the application. If you are hooked on all things football, especially the NFL then this could be $1.99 well spent.

The Good

  • Multiple NFL information in one place
  • Twitter feed without a Twitter account

The Not So Good

  • No refresh options

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Realtime Pro Football ’09 for iPhone: Screenshots

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