‘RC Plane 2 Review’: A Fine Way to Fly the Friendly Italian Skies

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RC Plane 2 for iPhone-2

Rating: ★★★★☆

RC Plane 2′ allows you to pilot a RC plane across the Italian landscape while following flight paths, collecting coins, and improving your skills and equipment.


Because it’s based on an RC plane, the game uses a joystick metaphor to control the plane, and not the accelerometer or a bunch of gauges. The controls are fairly easy to operate and not too sensitive, which makes flying enjoyable.

To begin with you are given a choice of landscapes – countryside or seaside – and a simple plane to operate. There are instructions on how to operate your craft, but the text didn’t make much sense until you got to see them graphically on the screen. A few screenshots or animations would have helped to make those instructions more helpful.

RC Plane 2 for iPhone-3

As with all craft, the tricky parts are takeoffs and landings. But once in the air, it’s an enjoyable, relaxing experience that could easily serve as a diversion, even for real pilots. The jazzy music didn’t add much to the game, but it didn’t take much away either. Turn it up or down as you see fit.

Each course has it’s own challenges, but it usually involves following a flight path, indicated by an arrow, to collect coins so you can advance. These are challenging, precise lines that will take a bit of practice to master. This is a game you can either pick up for a run or two, or settle in for hours of flight time to improve your skills. It’s also connected to GameCenter, so you can challenge yourself to earn achievements or climb the leader board.

RC Plane 2 for iPhone-5

The graphics, and the scenery, are nicely done if not quite photo-realistic. Sunlight and shadows add a nice touch. They are very smooth and provide enough information to navigate by.

There are many more planes to earn/purchase to keep the game interesting. Each plane, of course, has its own characteristics and provides a new challenge to fly. There’s even an aircraft carrier to up the ante. But, there’s also a free flight mode if you just want to unwind and enjoy the sights.

RC Plane 2 for iPhone-6

Overall, this is a solid RC plane game. There’s enough variety to keep you coming back. You can choose a game play to suit your style – hard-core or laid back. If you’ve got any interest in a casual flight-based game, check this one out.
Rc Plane 2 - Frozen Pepper

  • Relaxing, even if challenging
  • Easy to operate
  • Enough variety to keep it interesting


  • Instructions not clear until seeing the on-screen controls
  • Assumes some knowledge of RC aircraft, but you can get by if you don’t have it


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