Creator of Doom to release Rage on the iPhone and iPad.

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The creator of the hugely popular games Doom and Wolfenstein John Carmack, recently won a lifetime achievement at the Game Developer Choice Awards. He was interviewed by Kotaku about any further plans for the Apple devices and he said that he wants to keep making games for the iPhone and he is also hoping to bring games to the iPad. CultofMac reports that John Carmack said to Kotaku during his interview,

Apple doesn’t give us anything ahead of time either, so we haven’t put hands on it ourselves, but we certainly are expecting to try to have our Rage title for the iPhone, iPad, whatever, working across there.

Rage is a forthcoming major console game. According to CultOfMac Carmick’s new game Rage is a post apocalyptic world ‘Mad Max’ inspired FPS and racing game. Its not the first time either he as mentioned that he would like Rage to come to the iPhone. Last year he wrote on his blog that he wanted to work on a Rage themed game to coincide with the release of Rage but at that time he didn’t have a team chosen for it.

I think its great to see such a well known game icon continuing to offer support to Apple’s iPhone and it can only get better if it is also released for the iPad. I do wonder though whether it will be the actual Rage title we are offered or a ‘spin-off’ style game like they offered with Doom Resurrection.

Either way it all sounds very promising for fans of his work. When it will hit our screens is unsure unfortunately there is no official release date and if anything it is probably still in the making but Rage is expected to be available on home consoles some time this year.

Do you want to see Rage on the iPhone/iPad?


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