Puzzlegeddon: You Can’t Go Wrong with This Game

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Puzzlegeddon Rating: ★★★★☆

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Fasten your seat belt. Leading German mobile games publisher HandyGames (developer of top hit BeerShooter and Tattoo Mania) and Swedish game developer Pieces Interactive present the much anticipated iPhone version of the puzzle action hit Puzzlegeddon. Having sharpened their take on the game with PC and mobile versions, they have now unleashed this challenging mix of puzzle, action and strategy to the iTunes Store.

Imagine using the character of your choice along with your strategic puzzle skills to conquer planets. Defend and defeat through the manifold galaxies, game modes and challenges. Presented with a square puzzle board made up of blocks in four colors, the player shuffles blocks around by moving rows and columns. As a block is moved out of one edge it wraps around the board and appears on the other side, similar to a “flattened version of a Rubik’s Cube”. The objective, similar to other match 4 games, is to match blocks of similar color ultimately defeating countless obstacles that patiently await your arrival.

Featuring 12 attacks and power ups, eight different characters with their own special skills, you must make your way through themed planets by sliding rows and columns of similar color. Make sure to make large combos which will reward you access to the various power-ups necessary to boost your score.

Due to the massive amount of puzzle games available at the App Store, these developers have worked hard to stand out from the competition. Some of the exceptional features include:

  • 12 crazy attacks and power-ups
  • 8 different characters with unique special skills
  • Multiplayer-fight with up to 3 opponents at the same time

I have only a few gripes about this application. The background music is irritating and repetitive. Turning off the volume fixes this problem however it would be nice if it supported iPod music. As for the graphics, they are “good”. The animations are simple but smooth. In order for this game to make it to the top of their competition, multifaceted and complex animations must be added to enhance the overall look.

“PUZZLEGEDDON is a game for every taste and play style – it makes you think hard, play smart and act fast!” Use your skills wisely and your strategies wiser. Try the free version to see if you are up for the challenge. You can’t go wrong with “Geddon” this game!
Price: $3.99

The Good

  • Online high score, statistics and leaderboard
  • Great content and loading time
  • Multiple game modes with diverse challenges
  • Replay value

The Not So Good

  • Background music is agitating & repetitive; Does not support iPod music
  • Initially, only Campaign and Quick Game are unlocked
  • Campaign progress is not displayed
  • PC version is more refined

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

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Puzzlegeddon for iPhone/iPod touch: Trailer


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Showing 13 comments
  • Ramesh King

    I really enjoy puzzle games, and this looks like it has some good twists. Count me in!

  • Stewie

    Puzzle games rock, that's why!

  • Ramesh King

    I really enjoy puzzle games, and this looks like it has some good twists. Count me in!

  • Stewie

    Puzzle games rock, that's why!

  • Eric

    I'd like this game because I love “match X” style games that employ different features, like Puzzle Quest or Azkend. In this case I love the fact that there are multiple players on the field at one time.

  • faresf

    I love puzzle games, count me in pls….

  • OTGGamer

    A puzzle game like this, with attacks and powerups sounds really intriguing to me. I'd love to win a code to check this out.

  • Raze464

    I want this promocodes beacaus I love puzzle games. Thanks Touch Reviews!

  • itsroberth

    Woooooo PROMOS are fun you find out about games XD and sometimes win XD

  • Shermy808

    I would like this game because today is my 10 year anniversary, and my wife absolutely loves puzzle games. Now isn't that sweet?

  • Rubens

    I want Puzzleddon promocode! Thanks!

  • HBB

    it seems i am the first to post. please let me have a promo code. now second too.

  • HBB

    i want Puzzleddon because this game is so kool.

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