Purported iPad 5 Screen Shows Thinner Bezel, Similiar to iPad Mini

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iPad 5 leaked design

French site Noweherelse.fr released a report with images of a purported iPad 5 screen, which shows a thinner bezel, similar to the current iPad mini. Reports and mockups from earlier this year also showed a full sized iPad next to the iPad mini with a very similar.

The new iPad 5 is also expected to use the same color scheme as the current iPhone 5, and iPad mini, with the Black bezel matching with the slate back and the white bezel matching with the silver. Case designs from early last month also suggest that the iPad 5 will be very similar to the iPad mini. It is unclear when the iPad 5 will debut, although a number of sources have suggested that an event may be held as early as this month.

iPad 5 leaked screen

Others suggest that Apple will release it during its normal Fall timeframe, as they did with the iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad. It is not surprising that Apple is adopting the IPad mini design for its iPad 5, especially when considering that it is the only iOS device that has yet remained unchanged from the black and silver design and the thick bezel.

{Via MacRumors}


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