Puppet War:FPS for iPhone. Live Out Your Puppet Slaying Fantasies in this First Person Shooter

Puppet War FPS iPhone

Puppet War FPS iPhone

Puppet War:FPS Rating: ★★★★☆

There are certain words that I never thought I would find myself writing, especially in a review of an iPhone/iPod Touch game but there is a first time for everything and with that in mind let me introduce you to the word Pupaphobia. So what is Pupaphobia I hear you ask, well it’s quite simply the fear of puppets and if you have Pupaphobia then this game could be the cure. Puppet War:FPS throws you into a world where you are under attack from mutant puppets and it’s a fight to the death!

There are a few decent FPS games for the iPhone/iPod Touch now but none that I have seen compare to this. You play the part of an old janitor who finds himself stuck in a colourful children’s TV show under attack from the puppets.

It’s certainly an original storyline and it’s been well implemented too. The graphics look like a cross between Sesame Street and the Banana Splits and the various puppets that launch themselves at you have a menacing glint in their eye that could really make you believe that they are out to get you.

Controls on FPS games have always be pretty tricky to implement on a touch screen device as there never seems to be enough buttons to enable all the movement that you need. However that is not the case with Puppet War: FPS which utilizes a virtual joystick for movement, an action button to shoot your weapon of choice and aiming controls via dragging your finger across the touch screen. This may seem like a lot to remember especially when you consider that you are under attack by multiple puppets all at the same time but in actual fact the controls are very intuitive.

There are a good choice of weapons to choose from too, presuming that is you are skilled enough to unlock them all. From the simplicity of a broom or baseball bat to the explosiveness of grenades and chainsaws there are weapons for everyone here and using them on puppets adds an extra degree of satisfaction to the killing spree.

The one major downside to the game is the fact that there is currently only one map and that is the TV Studio itself which despite it looking great can get a little boring after a while. Hopefully a future update will include more maps and add to the fun. A multi-player option would be nice as would some leader boards and who knows maybe that will all be made available in a later update.

As you kill the evil puppet army you will be able to pick up stars which you can then spend on the bigger and better weapons as they become unlocked. You will also find health and ammo packs located around the childrens TV studio and these will certainly come in handy as you progress through the later levels where the action becomes more and more frantic.

There are a range of puppets that will come after you and each have a variety of attacks and movements. The most frustrating of them is the little leaping puppet that is difficult to kill. I did notice some slow-down on some levels where there were a lot of puppets on screen even a re-start of my 2G iPod touch didn’t fix it.

If you are quick you should be able to pick up Puppet Wars:FPS for just $1.99 and at that price, even with only a single map, it’s great fun to play and puts all those ‘realistic’ first person shooters in the shade.


  • Great alternative FPS storyline
  • Picture perfect graphics
  • You get to kill puppets!


  • Only one map
  • No multi player options
  • No leader boards

Puppet War : FPS – iPhone Game Teaser

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Released: Jun 10, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 34.0 MB
Language: English
© 2010 Twindigo
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.


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