Puckerz for iPhone Pinball without Bumpers?

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Puckerz Rating: ★★★★☆

Many successful games in the App store share several main qualities that allow for such success, one of the most prominent is simplicity. Puckerz seems to be an extremely addicting creation based off of pinball roots.

Players use a control system not unlike Angry Birds to shoot their puck along an enclosed board that consists of blocks, orbs and obstacles with the idea of clearing the board of all blocks and orbs in a designated time. Seem a bit boring to you? I was right there until I got my hands on this little gem. I completely underestimated just how much fun and addicting this game would be.

I must say that a new age adaption of pinball doesn’t seem like a very intriguing game at first but after just a few minutes playing this game I realized that its roots in pinball and new spin on things would keep me coming back.

The controls are like those of Angry Birds but instead are utilized in a pinball type machine. When you launch the game, you are met by a simple loading screen that houses a widely overlooked item in many games in my opinion, “How To Play” button. Along with the “How To Play” button there are options for “OpenFeint”, open source social gaming network, and “Game Center” as well.

After hitting the “Play Now” button, you are posed with a strictly aesthetic yet difficult question. Which “puck” will I use? The “pucks” all have different designs and I had a difficult time choosing between the games signature logo “skull” puck or the “ninja” puck. Small feature but somewhat cool to be able to personalize the puck you’ll inevitably be staring at while you play this game.

The game itself as mentioned before is a fairly simple concept. You have a starting point and you launch your puck towards the blocks and orbs in an attempt to clear them off of the enclosed board before the time runs out. On the right side of the screen is a progress bar that tells you if you have cleared enough to get to the next level. As you progress through the level you are confronted by obstacles like holes in the board that will cost you a 10 seconds time penalty and unbreakable blocks that can be both an advantage and disadvantage at times. You also gain certain perks as you progress such as spots on the board that act as a speed boost that in turn aid you in breaking more blocks and ice boost that makes your puck continue to travel further. Using these perks to your advantage and avoiding the obstacles are crucial to getting past the more difficult levels. The gameplay is simple but this proves to be this game’s strong point.

I was welcomed by a catchy tune and stunning visual design when I first launched the game. I was extremely satisfied by the fact that the visuals and music stayed impressive throughout my Puckerz experience. The futuristic design is fairly simply but very crisp with active background in the menus and solid animation during gameplay. I never saw a drop in frame-rates and the game stayed smooth throughout which is pretty impressive considering the action taking place on the screen at a given time.

The music was impressive and something that I have learned to not overlook when playing games on the iPhone. Many games have the same constant tune that plays throughout a game and becomes mundane. This game has a wealth of different jams to crush blocks to. I felt that the music helped to set the tone of a fairly high paced game that keeps you engaged for the duration of your allotted time. Luckily the audio and visual aspects of this game were great, almost as awesome as the gameplay itself.

Puckerz is an extremely addictive and very amusing game. It is a simple pick up and play style game with similarities to pinball that might pull at some heart strings for those of us that have actually played a pinball machine. It’s genius in the attention to detail and simple fun that it provides. The perks and obstacles provide for a continuously changing gameplay that allows for new strategies and approaches giving the game a touch of complexity. I would high recommend checking this game out, especially if you are a fan of pinball.


  • Simple Pickup & Play Approach
  • Great Audio/Visual Design
  • Social Gaming Network Built In


  • Zoom In/Out on the board when in game

$0.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released: Feb 01, 2011
Version: 1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 18.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Groundbreaking Games, Inc.
© 2010 Groundbreaking Games, Inc.
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later


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  • BattleCrafts

    Is it like Angry birds but with the pindball design?!So how is it different?

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