Prototype iPhone 5 Front Panel Reveals Design Similar to iPhone 4

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iPhone 5 Front Panel

With the potential release of an iPhone 5 approaching rapidly, new details of a prototype fifth gen iPhone have been brought to the light.

Last week, parts of Apple’s “N94” iPhone revealed a design identical to the iPhone 4, right down to the placement of the camera and the width of the bezel. The part was later revealed to be an “Engineering Verification Test 2”, and had a date of June 7th, 2011 on it.

MacPost now reveals what they believe to be a potential iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, or perhaps a lower end iPhone device, also rumored earlier in the year. This piece was marked as an “Engineering Verification Test 1” as well and dated a much more recent, March 3rd, 2011. The front panel of the rumored iPhone 5 is unchanged from the iPhone 4 and even has the same home button design, different from the elongated button designs that were revealed earlier in August.

The panel part shows same bezel space on the sides of the display, as well as similar space between the screen and the home button and top ear piece, when compared with iPhone 4. If you compare the digitizer component, it is exactly the same as that of iPhone 4 model. The home button might not be going anywhere and the cut-out area for Home Button is still circular which debunks earlier claim that iPhone 5 will get an elongated Home Button (rather capacitive).

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 during the rumored September timeframe, perhaps during the annual music event. With the resignation of Steve Jobs, the event will likely be headlined by new CEO, Tim Cook who has managed special events in the past.

n94 iPhone front panel back

As for the iPhone 5, if the original iPhone 4 front panel design is retained, Apple is expected to revert back to a brushed metal design for the rear and upgraded internals, possibly packing the new A5 chip as well as more RAM.

Would you buy an iPhone 5? Do you think this is the real deal?

{via Mac Rumors}


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  • Proper responder

    This isn’t hockey or WWE, jump into the steel cage if you want to act like a jerk.  Even McEnroe and Connors knew when to quit.  Well, maybe Connors did anyway…

  • iphone dissapoints


    I guess thats why apple has to sue everyone, because they are falling behind and cant innovate, just reiterate. 

    Wow, its and ipod that makes calls. About as dumbed down as you can get. 

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you are an ignorant POS. Just wait for it to come out. Those words are gonna get shoved down your throat.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, you’re just annoyed that it’s gonna be super successful and will piss all over any Android phone on the market.

  • Awbeard

    I won’t buy a 5 if it turns out to be a “4S” i.e. faster chip a little better but nothing like original to 3g and 3g/3gs to 4.  If I’m using an upgrade I want an upgrade not a makeover.

  • MrFouSix

    Sounds just about right, but who knows nowdays JUST REALEASE AN IPHONE ALREADY!!!

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