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MathRef is a math reference application that includes many helpful formulas, figures, tips, and examples of the equations and concepts.

Current Categories – Algebra
– Geometry
– Trigonometry
– Linear Algebra
– Series & Sequences
– Derivatives
– Integration (including a table of integrals)
– Vector Calculus
– Differential Equations
– Discrete

Anything you’d like to see, email us at

Coming Soon
– Basic Physics
– Favorites (save items for quick reference)
– Statistics
– Laplace
– Complex
– Quadratic Equation Solver
– Trigonometry Triangle Solver
– Linear equation solver
– Truth table generator

“You have published an excellent App.” – Manfred Emig

What’s new

Thank you for all the feedback. Version 2.0 addresses all previous
version 1.4 comments.

Version 2.0 includes the following:

-Expanded Algebra section
-Expanded Geometry section
-View in either portrait or landscape
-Tap on any equation to learn more about it
-Expanded Series & Sequences section
-Find equations fast with new subcategories
– Updated images and fixed typos in some equations.

If you have any issues with the application, including information
that might be missing that you would like to see, please let us know
at We’d love to know how we can make the app
better for you and everyone.

official-app-store-badge_4Price: $0.99

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