Pro Beach Volleyball: Wait For The “Gold” Version

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Pro Beach Volleyball iPhone

Pro Beach Volleyball iPhone

Pro Beach Volleyball Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Many different sports games fill the App Store but search for a Beach Volleyball game and your options are few and far between one app that is trying to take control of this path not so well trodden is Pro Beach Volleyball from iBall Games who have been involved in creating titles for platforms including Xbox®, PS3®, PC and Wii®.

The game comes with a choice of two courts, one in California and one in Mexico although the differences between them are pretty limited, and after choosing your court of choice you are thrown directly into your first game, no tutorials, no instructions either. There is the option of some video guides but that’s not so much training as just watching someone play the game, quite a significant difference.

Controlling your players is done by pressing buttons on each side of the screen for each player which dictates the particular shot you wish to play, a spike, setup, smash and block are all available but what you don’t have control over is the direction, a pretty major flaw and so your control is pretty limited.

Timing is key to the game and you have to preempt many of the shots as choosing your shot too late will see the ball fall dead on the sand, however it feels very sluggish as you need to choose your shot way before the ball even reaches you. While standard beach volleyball is played to 21, this game is the first to 5, maybe due to the fact that this is the Lite Version (more about that later), so games can be over very quickly.

The graphics are satisfactory, however the animations are poor and your characters seem to walk like robots which adds nothing to the overall feel of the game. Sounds are limited but effective when used. Another annoyance is the fact that in the Menus there is both a Menu & OK button which do exactly the same thing, it’s not a big thing, just indicative of the a game that hasn’t been fully thought through.

And that brings me to one last thing that you should be aware of before splashing your hard earned cash on this app is that even though it is a cent shy of two dollars it appears that it’s is still only a Lite version, and that a future “Gold” edition will be available at some point will add more courts, players skills, the ability to control the direction of the ball and a multi player option. If you are interested you may just want to wait for the “Gold” version.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

The Good

  • Nice looking courts

The Not So Good

  • $1.99 for a Lite version?
  • Unresponsive controls
  • No control of ball direction

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Pro Beach Volleyball: iPhone Game Trailer


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