‘Pocket Warriors’ Review: No Monster Too Big for These Warriors

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Pocket Warriors Review for iPhone-6

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Pocket Warriors Review: Pocket Warriors for iPhone is a cute game reminiscent of Sonic and Tails. Your characters fight side by side to take on monsters and protect the village.

The game begins with two characters, which I suppose could be considered a boy and a girl. You can name them or just accept the default Gavin and Kelly. You begin by heading to the village to meet the people who can help you, such as traders and blacksmiths. You pick up your first weapons and then head out to battle your first monsters.

Pocket Warriors Review for iPhone-5

Each mission you successfully complete rewards you in coins that you will need to upgrade your weapons so you can take on the next level of monsters. Each monster has a weak spot, which you only uncover once you’ve defeated them. But that information helps you as you progress and move on to battle other monsters.

You have to work as a team during the battles. When one character is taking the brunt of the attack the other needs to step in and protect them in order to defeat the monster. Both characters fight even when your focus is on only one, so switching back and forth gives you a different perspective of the battle.

Pocket Warriors Review for iPhone-4

The graphics are simple and cute and the colors are bright and cheerful. The background music tends toward medieval with some birds, cows, and other ambient noise thrown in. All in all it feels a bit like a renaissance festival, especially when in the village.

This game seems a bit overpriced when compared to others. It’s a solid, basic game, but there’s not much in complexity or that anything special that sets it apart from the rest. Still, it’s a fun game with an easy to use interface. Give it a try and test your teamwork against the monsters.

Pocket Warriors - Rainbow Game Pros:

  • Play either character, but you eventually need to play both
  • You can see the list of missions you will be sent on
  • Simple graphics keeps the information displayed on the screen clear


  • Movement a bit clunky
  • Needs a bit more complexity and/or storyline



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